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The first issues of t-Magazine would not have been possible without the support of those who have turned their love of tea into their profession. A big thank you goes to the many small and not so small sponsors who supported our project from an early stage.

If you can imagine being part of the t-Gesellschaft in the future, write to us:


Many tea farmers have been working with aiya – THE TEA for several generations. The farmer takes care of his fields, the plants and the harvest, but also the quality of his products.

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The story of the tea pope began 30 years ago. Thomas M. Grömer has been involved in the great world of tea since 1991. He is Europe's only trained expert on Japanese teas and has traveled all over Japan, consolidating his extensive knowledge of tea as part of his studies.

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Largest selection of fine and organic teas and unique tea creations. Over 125 years of Swiss tea tradition.

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