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>>> in Englisch

>>> with a large, 40-page cover story on "Europe's New Tea Culture": all about the "New Tea Culture" in Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga and many other cities

>>> plus translations from the German-language editions, e.g. on teas from Taiwan, jasmine tea and Japanese wood-fired ceramics

>>> see below for more content

>>> Of course still available: German language editions 1 - 4

76 pages / 9,80 €
plus shipping costs

We ship to EU countries, but also to other countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA


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On 40 pages, we take you on a grand tour across Europe and introduce you to the places where the new tea culture is particularly vibrant. Join us on a trip to Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Riga, Kiev, Helsinki, London and many other places!



Translations of articles from the

German-language edition 

Between handcraft and high-tech
Teas from Taiwan

Hight Tea 
The biochemistry of L-theanine

Japanese tea ceremony
Interview with 
Tyos Rosen

The gentle blossom 
The history of jasmine tea

The four nights of Kama-Taki
Japanese wood-fired ceramics by Aiko Watanabe

t-Magazin Blog


Follow the latest news about t magazine - where our reporters are off to, which tea people they meet - and which teas they get to know along the way.





The magazine - who we are, what we want


"Leaves that mean the world" - this play on words applies twice over to t magazine. Because it's about the most delicious leaves imaginable: those of the Camellia Sinensis plant, grown and processed in thousands of different ways to make the second most popular drink in the world (after water): Tea.


And it's all about printed paper - leaf by leaf, page by page, exciting stories about the world's most delicious leaves. Discovered, researched and edited by tea experts and professional journalists.


We firmly believe in the special attraction between tea leaves and the printed page - it is not for nothing that the term "leaf maker" is used in both the tea industry and journalism.


In short: reading a well-researched story about tea over a bowl of tea seems to us to be a wonderful way to enjoy both types of leaf at the same time.

This is the triad that characterises our magazines.


We work together with sponsors, advertising customers and supporters - and make this transparent. The following applies: No one interferes with our editorial work; the editorial and advertising business are separate. This is the only way we can create and maintain the credibility that our readers can expect. After all, they are our biggest and most important sponsors and by buying a magazine, they ensure its independence.


All articles in t-Magazine are researched, written, edited and checked by experts and experienced journalists. Our readers can expect content that is not only entertaining and surprising, but also provides in-depth knowledge about tea. About cultivation, processing and preparation - and about important aspects such as sustainability and health.


t-Magazine was born out of a love of tea, and this should be reflected on every page - sorry, every page: It aims to familiarise readers with the world of tea cultures. With great photography, beautiful illustrations and exciting reports, portraits and interviews. With carefully designed tips on preparation, with information on the history of tea, with pictures of fine ceramics and practical accessories.

Olaf Tarmas

Olaf Tarmas

The journalist and tea lover from Hamburg came into contact with tea at an early age: during his studies, he worked in a tea shop in Hamburg and sipped his way through the range. He then had his tea awakening experience in 2011 during a research trip to Taiwan, where he got to know Chinese tea culture for the first time. After further tea research on the Black Sea, in Laos and in East Frisia, the idea of combining his passions for travelling, writing and drinking tea matured: with the founding of his own tea magazine.


Katja Kleinebrecht

Katja Kleinebrecht

Designer Katja Kleinebrecht experimented with used tea bags on paper during her communication design studies. The sienna to ochre colour of the tea bags provided a beautiful background for her to draw on.

The Hamburg native has been designing magazines and books with great enthusiasm for many years and is delighted to be involved in the development and design of t magazine as art director.

Bertram Weiß

Bertram Weiß

Raised near Bonn, now in Hamburg: magazine journalist Bertram Weiß tries to combine the Rhineland art of living with Hanseatic straightforwardness. He also loves to push the boundaries when it comes to enjoyment: coffee attracts him with its intensity, strength and precision. But at other times, tea attracts him with its variety, tranquillity and profound beauty. At t magazine, he helps authors find words for something that is indescribable at first glance: the diversity of tea.

Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig

Ever since his early school days in Austria, always accompanied by a cup of tea. Interest turned into passion - and a long journey, with lots of time spent in Taiwan and China. Trained in Gong Fu Cha preparation by a tea master in Beijing and co-founder of the Berlin Tea Festival in Berlin, the international project developer acts as a source of ideas, networker and tea advisor for t-Magazine.

Isabell Aue

Isabell Aue

She has been interested in Japan and China since she was a child and now feels even more connected to these cultures through tea. The online marketer now describes tea as her "soul elixir" and prefers it to all other drinks. 
In 2019, she took over the social media activities at the Berlin Tea Festival - and she also takes care of everything to do with social media at t magazine. Her favourite teas are Pu-erh and Oolong.

Odile Hain

Odile Hain

The Hamburg-based reportage photographer with German-French roots likes to follow the impulses that her love of tea experimentation gives her. She has photographed various tea sessions for t magazine and takes care of everything to do with photos and visual material - both online and in print. Favourite teas: Long Jing, as well as hearty black teas from India or Georgia.

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